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Freshford hosted Westfield Reserves in the first round of the Somerset Junior Cup and looking to build on last weeks great performance we unfortunately strated the game without the same tempo and were soon up against it with the visitors being a very well organised team who broke quickly and manouvered the shape to their benefit. Midway through the half a corner wasmet by Waleed Bakali who glanced it in to teh path of Hayden Bailey who put the ball in the back of the net from a yard out. We continued to be under pressure and made many mistakes but managed to keep a clean sheet.

The second half saw us continue to not have the desire or passion we needed apart from the ocassional spell every so often we held strong until midway through the half and then Rich Clark conceeded a penalty which Chris Birleson saved but unfortunately the visitors were teh quickest to follow up the save and score with no pressure from our players. Ten minutes later Kubilay De-Vanney was fouled in the box and we were awarded a penalty but unfortunately Tom Wades spot kick was saved. This gave the visitors a boost and they grabbed a second goal with ten minutes remaining and we had a coupel of chances but could not find the equaliser in a very frustrating game that if we had wanted it and worked a bit harder we would have won.

Man of the Match was awarded to Corey Pronick-Gant and the 'Jaffa' was awarded to Harrison Amor for trying to pay his subs with all his change and still failing.

Line Up: Chris Birleson (7) ---------- Corey Pronick-Gant (7), Harvey Lawrence (7), Rich Clark (7), Harrison Amor (6)(Josh Sheppard (6))--------- Jamie Parlour (6)(Josh Dixon (6)), Tom Wade (7), Waleed Bakali (6), Hayden Bailey (6)(Adam Sheppard (6)), Kubilay De-Vanney (6)(Dave Sykes (6)) ---- Gus Wright (6)(Ryan Lottering (6))

Final Score: Freshford Utd 1 - 2 Westfield Reserves (HT 1 - 0) -------- Hayden Bailey (26)


Freshford travelled to Warminster Town Reserves in the first league game of the season with a very new team with a good mix of young and senior players and alot of them making their debuts for the club. The game started off very well with both teams creating chances but we had the majority of the better ones and should have been leading the game at halftime after hitting the post a couple of times and some missed chances.

The second half saw us continue to dominate the game and create chances hitting the bar and the post again but the fitness of the hosts gave us some close calls towards the end as our legs tired but we held strong and defended very well. It was an all round good performance from everyone and we came away feeling unlucky to not get the win.

Man of the Match was awarded to Rich Clark and the 'Jaffa' was awarded to Chris Birleson for giving the wrong change back whilst collecting subs.

Line Up: Chris Birleson (8) ---------- Corey Pronick-Gant (8)(Matt Bray (8)), Mitch Hamber (8), Rich Clark (9), Joe Newman (8) --------- Tom Rooney (8), Tom Wade (8), Alex Hemmings (8)(Josh Dixon (8)), Harvey Lawrence (9), Joe Morse (8)(Dave Sykes (8)) ---- Hayden Bailey (9)(Nick Taylor (8))

Final Score: Warminster Town Reserves 0 - 0 Freshford Utd (HT 0 - 0)


Freshford hosted their 9th annual Six-A-Side tournament at Browns Park and for the third year running we made it the whole weekend with different Youth age group tournaments. The weekend started with an Under 14's & 15's tournament on Saturday morning with 16 teams entering then the afternoon was the normal Adults tournament with 18 teams entering. The Sunday started early with a Festival of Football for Under 7's & 8's with 12 teams entering, then it was followed by an Under 9's & 11's tournament with 16 teams entering and the afternoon there was an under 10's & 12's tournament with 21 teams entering. This was a great response for our third year and we thank all the teams who took part and made it such an enjoyable weekend with some great football and sportsmanship on display throughout the weekend. The winners of each tournament were as follows......

Under 9's - Cup Competition - ???????? Shield Competition - ???????????????

Under 10's - Cup Competition - ????????????? Competition - ??????????

Under 11's - Cup Competition - ????????????? Shield Competition - ???????????

Under 12's - Cup Competition - ?????????????? Shield Competition - ??????????????

Under 14's - Cup Competition - ?????????????? Shield Competition - ???????????????/

Under 15's - Cup Competition - ?????????????? Shield Competition - ???????????????/

Adults - Cup Competition - Audley A Shield Competition - ????????????

It was another success with the weather being on our side again and the sun shining on and off all weekend and again we tried to attract more people to bring their families along. The club managed to raise £??????? once all bills were paid which is a good help to our fundraising pot to continue developing our facilities and a great insight to help us build on the event next year and get more people involved. Thanks again for the use the field behind the pitch for parking which was a great help and very kind of Paul Clarke and his family to let us use it again. Thanks to the referees and all the helpers/members of the club who made this event another success for the club and a good weekend had by all. We will be looking to build on it again next and we hope to encourage more teams, children and families along to the event with more entertainment for them other than just football.


Freshford United F.C. is starting a new season and training will start on Tuesday 30th July 2019 from 7:00pm at Browns Park with Friendlies throughout August before the season starts on Saturday 7th September 2019. We are always open to new players and hope we can add to our squad from last year. If you are interested please call the Manager Chris Birleson on 07738 741477.